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Product description

Enjoy wonderfully soft water with the Water Improver PRO®. After the simple installation, you immediately notice that the water causes less scale. Existinglimescale will disappear within a few days.

This compact water softener can be easily installed within 1 minute. Thanks to the magnetic force, your water will leave less limescale deposits. This means you will have to clean less, your household appliances will last longer and the electricity bill will decrease.

Watch this video for the explanation

The advantages at a glance

  • Lower energy bills

    There will be less lime build-up on heating elements of (for example) the boiler or kettle. As a result, appliances will heat up quickly and will use less energy.

  • Cleaner taps & dishes

    There will be less limescale on the shower screen, taps and in the dishwasher, so you will need less cleaning products and soap. The water is more likely to foam when using these products.

  • Boiler and appliances last longer

    The reduction of scale deposits ensures that your devices break down less quickly and you will save on maintenance costs.

  • Better for skin and hair

    Soft water improves hair and skin. Sensitive skin will improve and hair will feel softer.

  • Better for the environment

    A lower consumption of energy, detergents and cleaning products not only saves you money, but also contributes to a cleaner environment.

Watch the video below for easy installation

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Our guarantee

It is important to us that you’re happy with your Water Improver PRO®. In the unlikely event that this is not the case, we have a 100-day money-back policy. Returns are completely free, we even take care of the return costs. When the product is returned undamaged, we will refund the full purchase amount + the return costs.

Unpacking the Water Improver PRO®

Some of the reviews from our happy customers

Positieve beoordeling voor de Water Improver PRO waterontharder
Positieve beoordeling voor de Water Improver PRO waterontharder
Positive user experiences for the Water Improver PRO water conditioner
Positieve beoordeling voor de Water Improver PRO waterontharder
Positieve beoordeling voor de Water Improver PRO waterontharder

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 279,99  139,99 Incl. IVA / VAT

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