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Eliminate limescale with a maintenance-free water descaler

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Enjoy wonderfully soft water with the Water Improver PRO®. After the simple installation, you immediately notice that the water causes less scale. Existing limescale will even disappear within a few days.

This compact water softener can be easily installed within 1 minute. Thanks to the magnetic force, your water will leave fewer limescale deposits. This means you will have to clean less, your household appliances will last longer and the electricity bill will decrease.

The Water Improver PRO® is easy to order through our webshop, for a one-time payment of € 139.99. If you place your order before 12:00, we will send it the same day. We offer secure online payment methods with PayPal and credit cards.

  • Up to 85% less limescale
  • Works on every type of pipe
  • Suitable for any type of accommodation
  • No maintenance costs
  • Save money directly

The Water Improver PRO extends the life expectancy of your washing machine and boiler

How does the Water Improver PRO® water softener work?

Waterimprover.es has done a lot of research into the optimal adjustment of the magnets in the water softener. Thanks to the advanced technology, the Water Improver PRO® produces a strong magnetic frequency and releases microparticles in the water. Due to the change in crystal structure and minerals such as calcium and magnesium, they can not crystallize and will no longer attach themselves to pipes and devices. This way you prevent limescale.

The system works very effectively. Thanks to the compact housing of the small, powerful water softener, the water softener can be mounted on the pipes without difficult intervention and without tools. The result: crystal clear, soft water throughout the house.

How do you install the Water Improver PRO® water softener?

Installing the water softener is very easy and can be done by anyone. Can be mounted on any type of pipe: PVC, copper, flexible pipe and (galvanized) steel. The Water Improver PRO® water softener is suitable for pipe diameters up to 28 mm, making it suitable for every type of home. Easy assembly without modifications, easy to remove! So also suitable for tenants and to take with you when moving.

  • Step 1. Locate

    Search for the water meter. This can usually be found in the water closet on the street or in the garden;

  • Step 2. Installation

    Install the Water Improver PRO® directly onto the pipe, after the water meter, before the main distribution manifold;

  • Step 3: Check

    Make sure the water softener is tightly clamped around the pipe and experience the difference!

Frequently asked questions

In many areas of Spain, we have an abundance of minerals in the tap water, in particular, calcium and magnesium. The amount of minerals in the water differs per municipality. When water is heated, calcium and magnesium minerals connect and crystallization occurs. The crystals attach to your taps, pipes and household appliances.

Everyone can easily install the Water Improver PRO® in less than 3 minutes. All you have to do is find the water meter, connect the Water Improver PRO® with the provided tie-wrap and voila, time to enjoy!

The Water Improver PRO® will ensure that existing lime in the water pipes gradually dissolves. That is why it may take a while before you see optimum results. The water is not equally hard everywhere, and the age of the pipes and the local accumulation of lime play a role in this as well. After a few weeks you will certainly notice results, and the result will be optimal after about 6 weeks.

Yes. The Water Improver PRO® works perfectly in an apartment. The water meter is usually located in the boiler room in the cellar of the building.

The Water Improver PRO® is suitable for every pipe up to 28 mm. Both on PVC, copper, flexible pipes and (galvanized) steel.

On the contrary, you will save money with the Water Improver PRO®. It is a one-time investment, after which you will be able to enjoy a reduced use of water, detergent and cleaning products.

The shipping costs of the Water Improver PRO® are temporarily FREE. View the “Shipping & Payments” page for more information.

Our water descaler has been tested extensively and we guarantee optimal results up to 150 meters.

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