How does the Water Improver PRO® water softener work?

Hard water (water that contains a lot of calcium), is considered a general household issue. Not only does hard water cause limescale deposits, energy consumption also increases, the skin may get itchy and your household appliances will break down faster.

But what exactly is the reason that limescale accumulates and attaches to taps, pipes, and household appliances? The minerals Calcium and Magnesium are responsible for this. Calcium and Magnesium easily connect when water is heated, creating lime crystals. This results in annoying stains and increased energy consumption in the house.

The magnetic water softener: refined precision

The advanced technology of the Water Improver PRO® water softener can prevent this connection process. After extensive scientific research, the exact balanced arrangement of the strong magnets has been determined. When Calcium and Magnesium are exposed to this magnetic force, the minerals will no longer connect to each other and they no longer attach to your appliances, bathroom, and pipes.

The Water Improver PRO® water softener is a powerful and small device that can be easily installed on the outside of the pipe, without complicated interventions.
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