The expensive consequences of limescale

Tap water in Spain

In many areas in Spain, the tap water is hard due to the strong presence of minerals. You will notice it from the taste of the water, but you can also see it on your shower wall, your taps, your clean dishes and when you suffer from sensitive skin. Everything that comes into contact with it can be affected. This leads to a variety of problems.

Shorter lifespan of household appliances

Sometimes limescale isn’t directly visible, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Think about the inside of your pipes, the inside of your washing machine, coffee machine, dishwasher, and all other household appliances through which hot water flows. Usually, you’re not aware of the problem until something breaks down. Only then it’s already too late.

15% to 70% more power consumption

Not only does limescale lead to a shorter lifespan of your household appliances, but it also significantly increases energy consumption. When heating elements in your appliances collect limescale, they will have to put a lot more effort into bringing the water to the required temperature. The result: a considerably higher electricity bill.

Limescale deposits on the heating elements in household appliances ensure a considerably higher energy consumption and a shorter service life of the material.

Not only is limescale stubborn and difficult to remove, it can also permanently damage your taps and it is an unhygienic appearance.

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