Tips for descaling taps and household appliances

With the Water Improver PRO®, you can enjoy the luxury of soft water every day. When you place this small appliance around your water pipe, descaling of the shower, taps and household appliances is no longer necessary. Existing limescale in the pipes and on the heating elements will dissolve within 6 weeks. Below you can find tips for removing existing limescale deposits in visible areas, after which you can prevent the formation of new limescale deposits with the help of the Water Improver PRO®.

Removing limescale from taps

Limescale can, among other things, ensure that the holes in the showerhead will eventually close. The taps in the shower get a matte limescale, and you won’t be able to clearly see through the shower window anymore. Descaling is therefore necessary every now and then. But how do we approach this? An effective and simple way is to dissolve the lime with natural vinegar. By using the Water Improver PRO®, the limescale will also disappear, and you will prevent deposits from forming in the future. This way you keep your taps and glass shower walls beautifully clean.

Descaling the coffee machine

Depending on the usage, you will have to descale your coffee machine a few times a year. You may have to do this less often or more often, this depends on your machine, how often you use it, and the hardness of your water. You will notice when it is needed. Your coffee won’t run through properly or the taste of your coffee will change. Descaling your coffee machine is very easy. Throw a few teaspoons of cleaning vinegar into the coffee maker with some water, let it run through completely until the reservoir is empty. Repeat a few times. Let it sit for an hour with the water and vinegar in the pipes, and then run it through with clean (mineral) water.

The same applies to your kettle. Simply fill the kettle with 2/3rd natural vinegar and 1/3rd mineral water, turn the kettle on, let it stand for an hour and then rinse well with clean mineral water.

Descaling the washing machine, dishwasher and pipes

Calcium deposits also form on the inside of your household appliances. Think about the heating elements of the washing machine, the inside of the dishwasher, but certainly also the inside of the pipes. Scale deposits can cause the pipes to lose more than half their throughput. This influences the performance of the devices, the pipes lose pressure, and it increases energy consumption significantly. It also increases the risk of a shorter life-span and breakdowns. After installing the Water Improver PRO®, lime will no longer adhere and dissolve automatically. This way you save on electricity costs and the depreciation of household appliances.

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