The promises of the Water Improver PRO®

Thanks to the Water Improver PRO® water softener, the structure of the minerals in your tap water is changed without removing the essential components. The Water Improver PRO® water softener has been scientifically tested and is entirely environmentally friendly.

Up to 85% less limescale

Spend less time cleaning, crystal clear glassware and an increased life-span of your household appliances;

Suitable for any type of accommodation

Whether it’s installed in a villa, apartment or commercial property, the Water Improver PRO® is an asset to any living environment;

1 System for the whole house

You can easily install the Water Improver PRO® yourself on any type of pipe, just after the water meter. The result: soft water throughout your entire home;

Save at least €250 annually per household

Thanks to the Water Improver PRO®, appliances last longer and work more efficiently. Friendly for the environment and for your wallet;

Better for skin and hair

Do you suffer from psoriasis, eczema or sensitive skin? Soft water can make the difference Thanks to the Water Improver PRO® you will use more than 50% less soap and shampoo;

One-time investment and maintenance-free

With the Water Improver PRO®, you receive a 10-year warranty. After installation, you no longer have to worry about it. Are you not satisfied? You will receive the full amount back within 100 days of purchase;

Environmentally friendly

Thanks to the longer lifespan of your appliances, saving on energy and reduced use of cleaning products, you reduce the negative impact on the environment.